New behind the scenes video shows VFX breakdowns for LOGAN.

Australian visual effects studio Rising Sun Pictures have posted some VFX breakdowns, showing the work they put in James Mangold’s LOGAN. They contributed more than 230 shots for the film, which included animating Wolverine’s claws, producing detailed matte-paintings and so much more.

One of the most visually-interesting sequences involved showing the effects of Professor Xavier’s mind seizures, which was originally shot by shaking the camera to create a unique effect. RSP didn’t have any clean takes of that scene and had to actually go back and stabilize the footage.

“The sequence was shot natively with camera shake and so there were no clean takes. Initially, we explored effects and treatments designed to add tunnel vision vignetting, as well as applying blur and over exposure, but weren’t satisfied with the results.

“We found that shots with high contrast content and aggressive high frequency shake produced ideal results without too much modification“ says co-VFX Supervisor Anthony Smith. “We developed techniques to augment the blur artifacts with custom-animated kernels applied through the FFT (fast Fourier Transform) method. That produced sharp and controllable results.”

Click here to learn more about their work on the film.

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