XMF launches X-MenFanClub.com: A new companion site about X-Men film fans!

XMF is excited to launch our new companion site called XMFC!

The title has two meanings: X-Men Fan Club and X-Men Fan Community. It’s accessible via X-MenFanClub.com or X-MenFilms.com. This will hopefully become a go-to spot for X-Men film (and TV) fans to discuss everything about our favorite team of mutants. We have a new message board (register now to post) and live chat where you can interact with other fans worldwide 24/7. Show your “mutant and proud” pride by adding your personal photo to the X-Men Fan Wall.

This site is about giving an in-depth look at the fans, first and foremost. Coming soon we’ll have a series of interviews with passionate members of our community, including the start of casting for a video tribute series where you’ll get to explain your love for X-Men on camera.

A select amount of fans will have password-protected access to our VIP page, which features exclusive content not available on the main site. Members are selected at random to receive access, but can obtain the password from an established VIP member, should they decide to make the password available for public consumption.

We’re always looking for content to add to the site, so be sure to check out how you can contribute. You can also contact us with any X-Men film related content that you have.

While the XMFC has “officially launched,” this is just the beginning for what you can expect. The site will continue to evolve over time with new pages and special features. Please feel free to send us any comments or suggestions as your input is appreciated and taken into great consideration.


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