Is Daniel Cudmore returning to X-Men? One thing’s certain, he’s not replacing Stefan Kapičić’s Colossus in DEADPOOL 2.

Original Colossus actor, Canadian Daniel Cudmore (X2, X3 and DOFP) was in Montreal recently and instagrammed a photo of himself hanging out with former colleagues actress Sarah Dageais Hakim and director Martin Villeneuve. The picture itself seems innocent enough, but when scrolling through the comments, Hakim says “What an amazing night it was. Thanks for the great company. Enjoy the rest of your shooting on X-men!”

First reaction? She misunderstood his involvement with another X-Men film. But then, Villeneuve follows up with a comment on his own page, saying “Daniel Cudmore is in town shooting the new X-Men movie!”

So what is going on!?

X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX is currently filming in Montreal and NEW MUTANTS is expected to shoot there sometime after it’s principal photography in Boston. With Colossus’ sister Magik (Anya Taylor-Lord) soon coming into the fold, surely producers will want to have the two intermingle at some point.

But is Cudmore himself actually returning to the role of Colossus for that? Not so fast!

Stefan Kapičić portrayed Colossus in DEADPOOL and is 100% continuing that role in DEADPOOL 2. He even said in a interview with The Hollywood Reporter that he will have more to do in the film’s sequel and “continue to grow.”


Again…what is going on!?

Assuming Hakim and Villenueve aren’t trolling folks, it’s possible that Cudmore is returning as a totally different character. While playing Colossus, he had little to no dialogue. He has plenty of previous experience working with motion capture, wearing prosthetics and doing stunt work. With the Shi’ar alien empire coming into play with “Dark Phoenix,” it’s possible he could be playing a brand new role while looking unrecognizable. It would be a nice way for him to do more with the franchise, since his role as Colossus was minimal and is now being defined by Kapičić.

Maybe he and director Simon Kinberg are friends and he’s doing him a favor, who knows? Kinberg is a producer on “Deadpool 2,” so it doesn’t make a lick of sense why he would recast an older Cudmore (who now has a beard, by the way) as a younger Colossus in 1991.

Cudmore also left Montreal 5 days ago, so if he has any involvement with the film, it’s seemingly minimal.

Hopefully we’ll find out the answers to this sooner rather than later. But with the secrecy surrounding all X-Men films currently in production, it’s doubtful.

Thanks to @JenLawFilms for the heads up and being the first to report this.

2 responses to “Is Daniel Cudmore returning to X-Men? One thing’s certain, he’s not replacing Stefan Kapičić’s Colossus in DEADPOOL 2.

  1. Daniel Cudmore doesn’t need to be in the Deadpool (if not for a more grizzled short cameo). Piotr Rasputin/Colossus started out in his human form and he has a backstory in the #XMEN new canon. And Piotr is ageless in his organic metal form. So 20 years later in Deadpool, it’s understandable why he would perfer to stay like that (23 hours a day with 1 hour to shower or whatever LOL). It’s a great gag that makes sense.
    However in this revised X-Men film franchise version, Colossus should have the Russian accent to tie in the connective tissue to validate his 20 year later self. Now on his sister Illyana Rasputin/Magik who will be in New Mutants (which is to be determined) that they should not dismiss. I think she doesn’t need a accent as she’d been in the US for longer and also depending on the story. But people do lose accents which is why I am perfectly fine with Scarlet Johanssen’s Natasha Romanov/Black Widow not using a Russian accent in the Avengers films.


  2. If he’s not Colossus human forma that works too. #XMCU is happy with the Stefan Kapicic Colossus and the human form is not intregal but if they used another actor, that’s fine. Him as Gladiator in this revised canon retelling could be awesome and he would be not recognizeable under the character’s skin color if the character isn’t more cg digital.



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