Two Morlocks and others spotted in Fox’s THE GIFTED Comic Con trailer.

The recent Comic Con trailer for Fox’s THE GIFTED provides a brief glimpse at other mutants not (officially) announced for the show.

In one scene, we see Thunderbird (Blair Redford) and Eclipse (Sean Teale) discussing something with Postman and Shatter, two very accurate-looking characters who, in the Marvel comics, are part of the underground faction known as the Morlocks.

There’s also a third person with them, though we’re not sure of his identity just yet.

In another scene, Thunderbird is standing next to a younger character who appears to be Native American. Could this be a new iteration of Warpath (last played by Booboo Stewart in X-Men: Days of Future Past) or is this a totally different character? Only time will tell.

“The Gifted” premieres on Fox Monday, October 2 at 9pm (8c).

Thanks “Smilodon” for the heads up!

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