Summer Fontana seemingly cast as young(er) Jean Grey in X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX.

“The Originals” actress Summer Fontana has been cast as young Jean Grey in director Simon Kinberg’s upcoming X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX saga.

Earlier this week, we mentioned how Kenyon Wells casting agency was seeking a “small 4-5 year old girl with red hair” for filming a non-speaking role earlier this month. Fontana is 8 years old. The actress they were seeking was described as having “self confidence, general awareness and the ability to listen, concentrate and focus.”

The IMDB confirmed her casting and Fontana herself tweeted that she spent some time in Montreal, the site of production for the next X-Men film.

We’re not sure if Fontanna actually filmed her scene yet or was just in the city for makeup/costume tests, as the casting notice said filming would take place on August 2nd.

This is likely for a flashback, presumably showing when Jean’s powers first manifested.

There are multiple routes they can take for this moment: When Sophie Turner auditioned for the role in X-MEN: APOCALYPSE, her dialogue involved her mentioning how she (at 10 years old) felt her mother’s pain when she died in a car crash. In the comics, Jean’s powers activated after her childhood friend Annie died from being hit by a car. Jean also has an older sister named Sara that was absorbed by a cybernetic species known as the Phalanx.

Thanks Martin, X-Men Saga and JenLawFilms for the heads up!

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