THE GIFTED appears on TV Guide. Creator Matt Nix teases the main mutants.

The new issue of TV Guide features THE GIFTED stars Amy Acker and Stephen Moyer, who play Caitlin and Reed and Strucker, respectively. The magazine features new quotes from series creator Matt Nix, who opens up about a few of the highly-anticpated mutant characters.

“[The Gifted] is really about the mutants who have been left behind,” he says about the show, which features well known favorites such as Blink, Polaris, Thunderbird and newcomer Eclipse.

With a prominent role in ‘Days of Future Past’ as portrayed by Fan Bingbing, Blink makes her come back; this time played by Jamie Chung. “Why is Blink there?” asks Nix. “We will build up the mystery.”

“I lobbied hard to get Polaris,” Nix says of Emma Dumont’s character. “She’s Magneto’s daughter. [Magneto’s supervillain team] The Brotherhood isn’t around either. Where did they go? And what is our Polaris’s relationship to Magneto?”

Iconic X-Man Thunderbird (brother of Warpath, as seen in ‘Days of Future Past’) makes his live-action debut played by Blair Redford. “He’s Native American, so his relationship to what they’re doing is a little different. I liked the idea of reservations [providing sanctuary and aid] to refugee mutants.”

On Sean Teale’s newly-created character Eclipse, Nix says “[He’s] an original character to this show, but that doesn’t mean he’s just a random guy. Eclipse has a relationship [to someone] that we’ll explore.”

“The Gifted” airs Mondays at 9/8c on Fox beginning October 2.

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