New photos of Josh Brolin as Cable in DEADPOOL 2.

Two new photo of Josh Brolin as Cable in DEADPOOL 2 have appeared online, thanks to Universo X-Men. The gritty image shows Brolin’s character roughed up with one of his eye’s shut.

Brolin has been busy on social media giving fans various looks at his ripped figure, with a recent post showing him standing in front of a mirror at Gold’s gym with his shirt off.

“Deadpool 2” arrives in theaters on June 1, 2018.

Alright. A workout tip? From me? It actually makes me laugh. Worked out at Gold's this morning with Kathryn. Leg day. I hate leg day but always feel good afterward. 30 mins of cardio after that. 15 mins of abs. I always warm up. For full workouts go to @iambuilt. Justin and Steph Lovato have really put together some good, thoughtful, inspired workouts. What I like the most about them are they don't go too heavy (very injury conscious), they are really strong on form (very injury conscious) and they are all about shocking the muscle by mixing up workouts (best results). Here's the deal: the clean eating thing is so much of it. It's okay to cheat, but prolonged cheating will make you feel like shit. The point is to feel good and I think most of us have a problem feeling good for too long. Have a cheat day that you set — better, a cheat meal, but if you want to take a day, fuck it. A routine right now is I like to workout in the morning. I eat 5-6 meals a day of protein and fat (fat in eggs and almonds), carbs at night. I know a lot of vegans and I don't eat too much meat except fish. I love my fish. Quinoa is great for protein. Mushrooms are great for protein. Forbidden rice is great for carbs and nutrients (black rice). I tried intermittent fasting but for what I'm doing now, I can't hold the size; I need to eat. The minute I put starches in I start to explode. I did that during "Legacy" and I got up to 240 in no time. My workouts are typically two hours long: an hour fifteen of lifting, 30 cardio, 15 abs/stretching. The key is to start light at first. If you've been away from it for a while, the pain is unattractive. Don't go too heavy. It'll set you back, and you won't want to go. Do enough to feel sore and touch that feeling that you're dying a little bit. Mix one day in of 30 mins of anaerobic work. That feeling will start to transform into strength and you'll actually come to enjoy it. Progress. When I stop all this, I just don't feel as good: my knees are better because of it, my back problems are gone, I sleep better and I have better energy. I train 6 days, rest one. Look up @iambuilt. 💪 #itsarevolution @prevailactivewear @kathrynbrolin @iambuilt

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