First mutant case file for THE GIFTED focuses on Sean Teale’s Eclipse.

Fox has released a new “mutant case file” for Eclipse, Sean Teale’s newly created character for THE GIFTED series. The featurette shows new scenes from the pilot, directed by X-Men veteran Bryan Singer.

“Eclipse found out from an early age that he can manipulate photons and light from his hands,” says Teale. “He can fire lasers, he can shine bright light. He burns everything he touches; he never means to, but his life isolates him from close relationships.”

In the video, we see him being flirty with Polaris (Emma Dumont). Are the two in a relationship or just really close friends? We’ll have to wait and see!

In related news, Teale appeared on Atlanta’s Fox 5 News to preview the show. The actor was in-studio as a promotional tie-in for Monday’s eclipse.

Hollywood News Source posted an interview they had with Teale and Thunderbird actor Blair Redford at Comic Con 2017.

There’s also interviews with Jamie Chung (Blink), Stephen Moyer (Reed Strucker), Natalie Alyn Lind (Lauren Strucker) and Percy Hynes White (Andy Strucker)

“The Gifted” premieres October 2 on Fox at 9pm/8c.

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