Fan allegedly gets behind the scene details on X-MEN: NEW MUTANTS from artist Bill Sienkiewicz.

Amara, a self-proclaimed “comic book geek” who runs the Wearing Vintage Valentino at Her Funeral tumblr, got to meet iconic “New Mutants” artist Bill Sienkiewicz. She allegedly spoke with him about his excitement for Josh Boone’s upcoming NEW MUTANTS film, which is currently in production.

When asked about what she heard and saw during her conversation with Sienkiewicz, she replied:

“Hair being perfect on some of the girls (baaaaaangs),” she hints regarding Anya Taylor Joy’s look for Magik. “The hilt of the Soulsword being so cool, info about all the actors and his observations on how they play them because he KNOWS these characters so well, they’re his kids in a big way.

“He said Maisie [Williams, plays Wolfsbane] was amazing and really seemed to get Rahne and her nuances, Charlie [Heaton] may not look like lanky Sam but he brings the vulnerability that makes Sam the heart of the team, he said Henry [Zaga] IS Roberto and gets Roberto and not just the cocky side but all his layers, Anya is the perfect Illyana (he was super excited for her, showed me a pic of him and her solo), and that Blu [Hunt] is clearly the newbie so she seemed a little more green but with the cast around her and the direction they’re getting he’s very confident in her being able to pull off Dani.

“The way that Bill gushed and was so excited, especially since it’s HIS big arc and his and Claremont’s vision, made me really excited too. I could tell it was genuine, we talked about it for a while and he had a bunch of other people to sell stuff to, so he clearly didn’t want to stop talking about it!

“And he asked me to please please spread the word and the excitement if I could because he wants it to do well and he really believes in it.”

That definitely gets us excited!

“New Mutants” is scheduled for theatrical release on April 13, 2018.

Thanks to “Chinese Sone” for the heads up!

Artwork by Bill Sienkiewicz for Marvel Comics.

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