Jermaine Rivers cast as Shatter in Fox’s X-Men universe series THE GIFTED.

We’ve known since July that Morlock mutant Shatter would play a role in Fox’s THE GIFTED series, but now we finally have word on who’s playing him. The IMDB reveals that Jermaine Rivers (TV’s Devious Maids, The Haves and the Have Nots) is portraying the character.

“As a kid I used to spend my lunch money to buy comics…especially the X-Men!! It’s surreal and such a blessing…” said the actor on Twitter page.

In the comics, Shatter’s entire body is composed of a blue-black, diamond-hard, crystalline substance, which renders him invulnerable to most conventional attacks. He can regenerate lost limbs, and possesses the ability to crystallize any liquid substance he comes into contact with, such as water, oil, and presumably blood. Shatter’s main weapon is a wooden baseball bat, which he wields with great skill. He is also extremely intelligent. [Wikipedia]

“The Gifted” premieres October 2 on Fox at 9pm/8c.

Source: The IMDB

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