Alexandra Shipp on X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX: “It’s very accurate to the comics.”

While doing promo runs for her upcoming black comedy horror flick “Tragedy Girls,” actress Alexandra Shipp briefly talked to Deadline about her upcoming role as Storm in X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX. Simon Kinberg’s debut film will be Shipp’s second time portraying the weather-controlling mutant.

When asked specifically about her character’s hair in the film (will the mohawk return??), she refused to answer, saying “…if I ever want to do another X-Men movie in the future I can’t tell you sh*t. (Laughs)”

What she can say is, “as a fan of X-Men, you are going to be very happy — because I’m a huge fan of X-Men and so is our director, Simon [Kinberg], who’s also writing and executive producing it. He is not letting anything go. It’s very accurate to the comics and he really gives the fans what they’ve been asking for, in my opinion. All I can say is that you’re really going to like it.”

“Dark Phoenix” arrives in theater on November 2, 2018!

Source: Deadline

2 responses to “Alexandra Shipp on X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX: “It’s very accurate to the comics.”

  1. We’ll see if it stays true to the Dark Phoenix Saga. If it does we’ll see the Hellfire Club, The Shi’ar Empire and an awesome battle on the moon. This movie has to be a two part Saga, maybe even three part.


  2. ha,ha the hellfire club is already passed in X-men first class is when Emma Fros worked with this Villain so it won’t happend again sorry Luke Skywalker this future movie of X-men Dark Phoenix is another new X-men movie with new X-men mutants so it won’t happend again in hell fire club that storyline is already passed thrue so sorry



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