XMF Comics

  • XMF: BOBBY AND JOHN – When Bobby learns that his girlfriend Marie is surprisingly pregnant, he is beyond excited. But that excitement quickly turns to fear when he learns that his discriminatory and extremist brother Ronny has developed powers of his own. Despite this, Ronny’s hatred for those with evolved powers continues as he goes on a rampage to destroy the population and those closest to his brother. After a disastrous battle at the School for the Gifted, Bobby reluctantly joins forces with former friend John, who took the mantle of a terrorist organization called the Brotherhood after the deaths of his mentors Erik and Raven. Joined by Marie and a powerful woman named Ranger, Bobby and John embark on a high stakes mission to stop Ronny before more lives are lost. (Upcoming Miniseries)


  • X-FILLER – 4-panel comic shorts featuring stories which “could” take place within film continuity. (Ongoing Series)

Xtreme Universe


  • THE XTREME – A galaxy-traveling alien army known as “The Kring” have threatened to eradicate the entire human race by using xtremes, evolved humans with extraordinary powers, as their weapons through telepathic control. A group of young xtremes named Marlee, Christopher, Unknown and Bee join forces as a team when they learn the secrets of King Kring and fight in a war which leads to their ultimate showdown. (Complete Series)


  • I AM XTREME – 30 years after the events of The Xtreme, a group of young rogue fighters from a dark future are confronted by Zach, a recently “activated” xtreme from the original timeline. Using his extraordinary new powers of time travel, he treks into the future to access the world’s first time machine, created by his future son. Unfortunately, Zach cannot travel before the point in which his powers first activated. In order to save his friends and stop the alien war before it ever starts, he must find a way to convince the future to change his past. (On Hiatus)


  • TELEKIN: AN XTREME STORY – Two years before the events of The Xtreme: After experiencing personal tragedy, Scott Daniels starts a new life in a new city. He follows his passion of becoming a journalist and is hopeful of having a normal life. But drama quickly finds him as a serious threat arrives, putting his new friends and co-workers at the World Daily News Tabloid at risk. Scott is assigned partners with writer/ reporter Jade Curtis – a sorceress-in-training with the xtreme ability to grow and release telepathically-linked “snakes” from her hair. Jade struggles to find balance between her career and her duties as a new member of “The Xtreme.”

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