Generation X (Unrelated TV)


  • Locked away in a special institute, two self-appointed renegade mutant ‘elders’ prepare six young people – born to rebel, but destined to harness their mutant powers to serve a population that has been conditioned to disown them – for their new future, by subjecting them to a rigorous mental and physical training regime designed to fully develop their extraordinary powers. When a corporate psychopath launches his bid to dominate mankind by manipulating the dream dimension, he finds one missing link… a mutant’s super brain.

Release Date

  • February 20, 1996 (TV)


  • Finola Hughes (Emma Frost)
  • Jeremy Ratchford (Banshee)
  • Heather McComb (Jubilee)
  • Agustin Rodriguez (Skin)
  • Randall Slavin (Refrax)
  • Bumper Robinson (Mondo)
  • Amarillis (M)
  • Suzanne Davis (Buff)
  • Matt Frewer (Russell Tresh)


  • Jack Sholder (Director)
  • Eric Blakeney (Writer)
  • Brian England (Cinematographer)
  • Michael Schweitzer (Editor)
  • Avi Arad (Producer)
  • Stan Lee (Producer)



  • The unedited version of the tv pilot/ film featured swearing, a racial slur, and and an uncomfortable “strip” scene between Jubilee and Emma Frost.
  • Heather McComb was originally going to play Boom Boom or Dazzler. She was switched to Jubilee at the last minute.
  • The tv pilot/ film shot at Hatley Castle, the same mansion used in X1-X3.
  • Buff and Refrax replaced CGI-heavy characters Husk and Chamber.
  • The bootlegs are usually sold at Comic Cons.
  • The proposed TV series never came to be.