Day of the Sentinels



Adapted from X-Men: The Animated Series “Night of the Sentinels Part 1,” the X-Men must rescue a young mutant by the name of Jubilee from mutant hunting robots known as Sentinels.


  • Jin Huh (Jubilee)
  • John Emil D’Angelo (Wolverine)
  • Jared Allman (Cyclops)
  • Diane Dehn (Jean Grey)
  • Erica Gray (Storm)
  • Tory Steele (Rogue)
  • Keith Brooks (Beast)
  • William Graves (Gambit)
  • Trevor Garner (Havok)
  • Barry Piacente (Professor Xavier)
  • Noel Sirmer (Morph)
  • Dave W. Campbell (Henry Gyrich)
  • Edward deGruy (Harry)
  • Susan Willis (Martha)
  • Charles Pinckney (Arcade Manager)
  • Joshua M. Garcia (Arcade Patron)
  • Joshua M. Garcia (Arcade Patron)
  • Leaf Ballard (Cashier)
  • Davis Clark (Sldier)
  • Jonathan Hunter (Soldier)
  • Don King, Jr. (Soldier)
  • Colby Knotts (Soldier)
  • Anthony Wyre (Soldier)
  • Melanie Felton (Reporter)
  • Jeff Trink (Senator Kelly)


  • Eric Vence Green (Executive Producer, Director, Writer, VFX, Sound Mixing, Editor)
  • Zachary Vaudo (Executive Producer, Second Unit Director, Stunt Coordinator)
  • Jevocas Green (Executive Producer, Make-up Supervisor)
  • Lex Lewis (Executive Producer, Camera)
  • Jeorge Wigan (Executive Producer)
  • Mitchell Berry (Executive Producer)
  • Eddie Vizacararrondo (Camera)
  • Leaf Ballard (Sound)
  • Kylie Bara (Production Assistant)
  • Jonathan Hunter (Production Assistant)
  • Tam Songdog (Make-up)
  • Fayth Miller (Make-up)
  • Amber Acktaboski (Make-up)
  • Jay Soundz (Music)
  • Mark Hans Aven (Music)
  • Code Atom (“Hello Hello” Singer)


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