Laura: X-23 Fan Film


A young girl massacres those she holds responsible for the death of her loved one.



  • Emma Kirby (Laura)
  • Delaney Dwyer (Young Laura)
  • Brooke Ritzow (Laura’s Guardian)
  • Paul Lessila (Haras)
  • Taylor Wick (Soldier)
  • Christopher Ryczek (Soldier)
  • Xavier Lopez (Soldier)
  • Andrew Caddell (Soldier)
  • Brandon Leis (Soldier)
  • Kyle Leiske (Soldier)
  • Joshua Lucas (Soldier)
  • Brett Smykal (Soldier)
  • Zachary Kornburger (Soldier)
  • Matthew Emmer (Soldier)


  • Charles Liu (Writer and Director)
  • Xiangjun Liu (Producer)
  • Yaoju Chen (Producer)
  • Mark Grosskopf (Producer)
  • Danny Ballister (Audio Technicians)
  • Maggie Dwyer (Audio Technicians)
  • Aaron Daly (Assistant)

Special Thanks

  • The Sheppard Family
  • Mark Grosskopf
  • Matt Emmer
  • Taylor Wick
  • Aaron Daly
  • Mike and CIndy Kirby
  • Yaoju Chen
  • Xiangjun Liu
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