X-Men: Mojotainment



The X-Men must survive life or death in a game show broadcast across the universe, hosted by the wacky and villainous Mojo.


  • Scott Whipple (Mojo)
  • John Emil D’Angelo (Wolverine)
  • Adam Eltarhoni (Cyclops)
  • Matthew Meldrum (Longshot)
  • Tory Steele (Rogue)
  • William Graves (Gambit)
  • Zoe Yuchan Zhang (Psylocke)
  • Keith Brooks (Beast)
  • Zachary Vaudo (Banshee)
  • Austin Sutherland (Iceman)
  • Nicole Kovacs (Jean Grey)
  • Joel DeVisser (Colossus)
  • Tom Crittenden (Majordomo)
  • Tamille Wilson (Minordomo)
  • Renee Cooper (Spiral)
  • Lex Lewis (Executioner Minion)
  • Steven Revill (Swordsman Minion)
  • Caleb Whitehead (Drow Minion)
  • Karen Williams (Witch Minion)
  • Eric Johnson (Promo Minion)
  • JC Verro (Promo Minion)
  • Ares Knight (Promo Minion)


  • Zachary Vaudo (Executive Producer, Director, Writer, Stunt Coordinator)
  • Eric Green (Executive Producer, VFX, Additional Cameras, Props)
  • Emily Ramos (Director of Photography)
  • Lex Lewis (Additional Cameras, Production Assistant)
  • Tam Songdog (Makeup)
  • Fayth Miller (Makeup)
  • Robert Stephens (Makeup, Props)
  • Kellyn Stephens (Makeup, Props)
  • Scott Whipple (Makeup, Props)
  • Edward Barber (Stunt Coordinator)
  • Trevor Garner (Stunt Coordinator)
  • Kylie Bara (Production Assistant)
  • Robert Varados (Music)
  • Bradley Bills (Music)
  • CHANT (Music)



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