X-Men film fan interview with Camilo Lehnebach: “[They] have all the things that I want in a superhero story.”

The final “phase 2” X-Men film fan interview is with Camilo Lehnebach (@lajenbajen)! Camilo provided his answers in both English and Spanish.

XMFC: Hello, Camilo! Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions. As an X-Men fan, can you remember the first time you were introduced to these characters? Was it through the comic books, animated series, video games or films?

CAMILO: “My first memory of the X-Men was the Animated Series from the 90’s. For me (and my childhood) that is the canon. Fun fact, I always thought that the ending was from a videogame, and I totally wanted it.”

“Mi primer recuerdo de los X-Men es con la serie animada de los 90. Para mi (y para mi yo niño) es canon. Un dato divertido, siempre pensé que el ending era de un videojego, y realmente lo quería tener.”

What makes you a fan of the X-Men? Do you feel a close connection to the characters?

“I love the X-Men because they have all the things that I want in a superhero story: social/human issues with superpowers, ‘Logan’ and ‘X2’ are perfects examples of that. I don’t think that I’m totally related with them, but I always look to them as an example to follow.”

“Amo a los X-Men porque tiene todo lo que me gusta de una historia de superhéroes: temáticas sociales/humanas y super poderes, Logan y X2 son ejemplos perfectos de aquello. No estoy seguro de estar completamente relacionado con ellos, pero siempre los he visto como un ejemplo a seguir.”

Are you active with the X-Men fan community on social media?

“I’m not totally active, I tweet about the movies sometimes or leave comments on websites. But, I think that the X-Men fanbase community is small; the real fanbase. When I read true fans of the X-Men world I see a lot of excitement about the projects, even something unknown like ‘Legion’ or ‘The Gifted.’ So, I think that we are a small, but good group of fans.”

“ No soy muy activo realmente, a veces twitteo sobre las películas o dejo comentarios en sitios. Pero, creo que el grupo de fanáticos de X-Men es pequeño, los fanáticos reales. Cuando leo a reales fanáticos del mundo X-Men veo muchas ganas en los proyectos, incluso en los desconocidos como Legion o The Gifted. Así que creo que somos un pequeño, pero de buenos fanáticos.”

Who are your favorite X-Men characters as portrayed by the actors in the films?

“I think that my favorite is Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine. I always loved Wolverine from the cartoons because he was small and furry, like me, haha. And even though Hugh Jackman is tall guy, he kept the Wolverine’s spirit, so I loved him too. In a second place are the Professor X and Magneto from James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender. Their performances are amazing.”

“ Creo que por mucho mi favorito es el Wolverine de Hugh Jackman. Siempre amé al Wolverine de los dibujos animados, porque era pequeño y peludo, como yo jajaja. Pero aunque Jackman sea un tipo alto, mantiene el espíritu de Wolverine, así que por defecto también lo amé a él. En un segundo lugar están el Profesor X y Magneto de James McAvoy y Michael Fassbender. Sus actuaciones son geniales, así que es imposible no preocuparse por ellos.”

Which X-Men film is your favorite in the entire series? And which is your least favorite?

“My favorite X-Men movie is ‘First Class’, I love everything in it. The story, the soundtrack. I mean, Magneto haunting Nazis in Argentina? How can’t I be excited with that! The movie that I watch the least? ‘Apocalypse.’ It hurts me watch it. So much potential not being used.”

“Mi película favorita de X-Men es First Class, amo todo en ella. La historia, la música. ¿Magneto cazando nazis en Argentina? ¡Cómo no disfrutar eso! ¿La película que menos veo? Apocalypse. Me duele verla. Mucho potencial desperdiciado.”

If you could remove any scene or moment from an X-Men film, which one would it be?

“There are a lot of things that I didn’t like in ‘Apocalypse,’ scenes that I will change. But if I had to choose one, I think that will be the Havok’s death. For those who were following this new trilogy, Alex was an important element from the X-family, and I think that his death was badly written. We see him shooting to Apocalypse and the second after there is an explosion and the Quicksilver scene, so it feels like his death just happened, and the movie goes on.”

“Hay muchas cosas que no me gustaron en Apocalypse que cambiaría, pero si tengo que escoger una sería la muerte de Havok. Para quienes hemos seguido esta nueva trilogía Alex es un elemento importante, y creo que su muerte fue mal escrita. Lo vemos disparando a Apocalipsis y en el segundo siguiente hay una explosión y la escena de Quicksilver, así que se siente como si su muerte simplemente pasó y la película continua.”

Yes, I didn’t like how that was handled. He should’ve been given more respect. Here’s a bit of info, Alex was originally supposed to die in ‘Days of Future Past’ after being captured, but the scene was cut.

How do you feel about the original cast? Do you want to see them return for another film or should the younger cast fully take over?

“I totally would love an X4 movie, and I think that, again, Apocalypse was a good chance to do that. Think on this: the 80’s X-Men almost defeated him, so he escapes to the future and the old cast must to stop him. I think that it would be a great way to give them their last (and deserved) good bye.”

“Me encantaría una X-Men 4, y pensaba que, de nuevo, Apocalypse era una buena oportunidad para eso. Piensa en esto: Los X-Men de los 80 están a punto de derrotarlo, así que escapa hacia el futuro, donde el elenco antiguo tiene que detenerlo. Creo que habría sido una gran manera de darles su última (y merecida) despedida.”

What a great idea! Definitely a missed opportunity there. Next year will see the releases of ‘New Mutants,’ ‘Deadpool 2’ and ‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix.’ Which film are you most interested in seeing?

“I think that I will take the easy one and say Deadpool 2. I don’t know too much about the ‘New Mutants,’ so I’ll just watch the movie and see what happens. With ‘Dark Phoenix,’ I’m starting to have hope, but I’m still hurt with ‘Apocalypse.’”

“Creo que tomaré la opción fácil y diré Deadpool 2. No sé mucho de los New Mutants, así que simplemente iré al cine y veré qué pasa. Con Dark Phoenix estoy comenzando a tener esperanza, pero sigo herido por Apocalypse.”

Do you think there are any weaknesses with the X-Men film series? What do you consider to be theirs biggest strengths?

“We all know the big weakness is the continuity, so I will skip to the strengths. For me, the best from the X-Men movies is that they always try to keep them close to the ground. Visually and the stories they make help to always feel human, real and possible.”

“Todos sabemos que las debilidades están en la continuidad, así que saltaré a las fortalezas. Para mi, lo mejor de las películas de X-Men es que tratan de mantenerse cerca del suelo. Tanto visualmente como con las historias que cuentan, siempre todo se siente muy humano, real y posible.”

X-Men or Brotherhood…which side are you on?

“X-Men, I have too much in common with the Professor. But there are moments in our lives when the Erik Lehnsherr in us awakens.”

“X-Men, tengo mucho en común con el Profesor. Pero siempre hay momentos en nuestras vidas en los que el Erik Lehnsherr en nosotros despierta.”

Thanks so much Camilo for the chat and being our final “phase 2” interview. Next, we’re moving on to some more controversial subjects within the X-Men film franchise. Any fans who’d like to be interviewed can contact us, e-mail us or send a DM via Twitter.

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