Fan Spotlight: Aidan (@2kbroaid) celebrates X-Men fandom with cosplay.

Meet Aiden (@2kbroaid), a “huge X-fan” that cosplays as some of his favorite mutant characters from the X-Men films and comics.

XMFC: Hi Aiden, thanks for sending over some photos of your cosplay – they all look great! When did you start doing cosplay and why are you a fan of it?

AIDEN: “I started cosplaying around 5 years ago when I moved to London – I wish I’d started sooner! I think it often comes with a stigma of being ‘uncool’ – but I couldn’t feel further from that when fellow fans are high-fiving you for your effort, and wanting photos with you. I feel it’s an awesome way to bring a character to life on a personal level, and celebrate your fandom – in this case for the X-Men!”

I think cosplayers are the highlight of comic conventions. It’s cool seeing all the work they put into their costumes and how creative they get! Which specific conventions have you attended?

“I attend MCM comic con in London, and last year it was my first time at Heroes and Villains fan fest – which was incredible. The Gifted’s Emma Dumont and Blair Redford are attending this year, of which I’m hyped to hopefully say hi to! I just need to plan my cosplay!”

Do you design and create your own costumes?

“I do design and make my own cosplay costumes! Which is tough but always fun – I tell myself there’s nothing worse than a cosplay half done, so try and go the extra mile if possible. My Cyclops visor was fitted with red LED’s so it lit up with a switch! And after carefully piecing together Archangel’s metal wings, I actually got my hair cut the same – I even showed the barbers a picture of Ben Hardy in full Apocalypse get-up!”

Who is your favorite X-Men character in the films or comics?

“Favourite X-Men character… hmmm… I love Iceman and his witty humour – plus his coming out story in recent comics was refreshing and very cool. But I also love some of the less mainstream characters like Longshot with his four fingers and hollow bones, and the Stepford Cuckoos with their sassy mind-hive. The movies are all excellent too. I can’t wait for New Mutants and Dark Phoenix – I just hope they all link up! The X-Men have been my heroes since I was old enough to watch Saturday morning cartoons and save pocket money for comics – and they continue to be an uncanny inspiration to me!”

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