The New Mutants -First Look Trailer  


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13/10/2017 3:11 pm  

As of 12 hours ago, the first trailer for The New Mutants has dropped. It's a straight-up horror film. I remember before they announced that The New Mutants would be a horror movie, I was expecting a young-adult film similar to Josh Boone's The Fault in Our Stars.

What is your initial reaction towards New Mutants? I am very happy to see the X-Men franchise evolve, and happy to see Fox bringing new things to the table. The main X-Men series, LOGAN, Deadpool, Gambit, and now New Mutants, the X-Men universe is growing and I love it.

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25/10/2017 7:19 pm  

THE NEW MUTANTS has me intrigued and I'm glad they're going in a new direction. I also thought it was going to be a typical film about a younger group at Xavier's, but I think it would've been too similar in tone with the new X-Men cast that we're just getting to know. The trailer was cool; I wish there were more signs of mutant powers for the general audience, but I have a feeling the next trailer (with visual effects) will take things a step further.


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