Jessica Chastain says she’s not playing Lilandra in X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX.  


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This is certainly a shocker! X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX actress Jessica Chastain confirmed via her instagram comments that she is not portraying Lilandra, alien Empress of the Shi’ar.

Yesterday, we posted (via director/writer Simon Kinberg) that she started her first day of filming. In the article, we emphasized that her role had never been officially confirmed, but reports on other sites, including basic assumptions, was that she would play the pivotal character as in the comic book version of the Dark Phoenix saga.

Not so?

The comment has since been deleted.

Are Lilandra and the Shi’ar actually involved in any capacity? Kinberg has previously said that the film won’t be “too intergalactic,” opting instead to keep it more grounded than the popular comic book storyline.

The IMDB crew page has a listing for a separate “Dark Phoenix” stunt double, and we thought it was odd that Nina Lauren wasn’t listed directly as a stunt double for Jean Grey or actress Sophie Turner. Is it possible the Dark Phoenix is an entirely different entity/person?

Kinberg alluded to “space” in his post, so we’re hoping her character is still tied to the cosmos. Maybe she is Deathbird, Lilandra’s villainous sister? If not, it’s possible she could portray an Earthbound character that manipulates Jean to the dark side. There are mutants like Hellfire Club member Selene, or yet another version of Emma Frost. Or is she simply Jean’s mother? Scott Shepard was cast as her father.

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