Various X-Men actors and crew wish fans a Happy New Year.

Happy New Year to X-Men film fans worldwide! We hope you had a fun time celebrating the end of 2017 and the start of 2018. This year will be an exciting time for fans with the releases of FX’s LEGION 2, THE NEW MUTANTS, DEADPOOL 2 and X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX. X-Men universe cast members and crew from past and future films sent their holiday wishes via social media. Here are some of our favorite posts.

Some details come from instagram stories, which delete after 24 hours and are not embeddable.

Hugh Jackman

Even though he has retired the claws, Jackman will always be Wolverine to us. The actor, who had a great 2017 with the successful releases of Logan and The Greatest Showman, spent New Year’s Eve in Sydney, Australia with family and friends. To celebrate New Year’s Day, he climbed the Sydney Harbor Bridge with his wife Deb.

Happiest new year from our family to yours …. #2018. #mydebs

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Halle Berry

The original Storm actress ended 2017 giving the middle finger: “Dear 2017, you can be a good person with a kind spirit and still tell people to go F*CK themselves when needed. P/S… thank you middle finger for always standing up for me,” she wrote. She followed up with another post of New Year’s Day, writing “Started the new year saying Wake up BEAUTIES it’s time to BEAST! Happy New Year to all!”

Anya Taylor-Joy

The Magik actress is ready to slay 2018 with her role in The New Mutants. She shared this fun photo of her with the caption: “It is a GIFT to spend time with the people you love. This is, genuinely, everything. Happy new year everybody💋🌟 prosperity and love to you and your family.❤️”

Henry Zaga

Zaga will be busy when The New Mutants promo begins in a couple months. The Sunspot actor wrote “Have a beautiful New Year’s eve and stay safe,” to fans before enjoying fireworks by the beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Blu Hunt

Hunt will have an exciting 2018 with her first film role as Dani Moonstar in The New Mutants. For New Year’s Eve, she enjoyed a nice meal at home with her pups and watched Hiroshima mon Amour on tv.

Lana Condor

The burgeoning actress made waves as Jubilee in 2016’s X-Men: Apocalypse and has many upcoming projects for 2018. She recently shared a stunning photo of her in a dress and spent the New Year enjoying time in front of a fireplace with her guy.

Brianna Hildebrand

The Negasonic Teenage Warhead actress is gearing up for the release of The Untitled Deadpool Sequel next June and spent the New Year surrounded by nature. “Happy New Year!!!” she wrote. “No way I’d rather celebrate than scrambling to find alcohol in the middle of nowhere with you. 💕”

Simon Kinberg

The Dark Phoenix writer/director spent his New Year festivities with family and friends in Aspen, Colorado. His instagram story showed him outside in the snow at a bonfire, enjoying a cool fireworks display.

James McAvoy

We’ll end this with a charming yet hilarious video of the Professor X actor recording his first live video in response to fan requests. Recorded between Christmas and New Year’s, McAvoy filmed himself outside in the snow at the Garscadden Woods of Drumchapel in Scotland. Be sure to watch the very end of the video, where he drops his phone.

Alexandra Shipp

The weather goddess aka Storm actress has been spending time with her Dad, traveling overseas for a “Father Daughter Eurotrip.” Shipp sent her New Year wishes to fans from Vienna, Austria and Budapest.

Happy New Year from #TheShipps

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Hey 2017, you were a f*ckin rockstar… like seriously. I worked my butt off and i did all the things i said i wanted to do. I grew into an even better business woman and I fell back in love with my femininity. I cant wait to see what 2018 has in store, like so many pieces coming together, finally getting to share it with you all… I’m overwhelmed with love and excitement. Resolution:2018 will be my year of love! I will show love, i will be open and unafraid of accepting love, i will encompass and be unwavering on my journey to further understanding love ❤️ and I’m not talking about romance- I’m talking pure love for the human condition, true compassion and unbiased LOVE ❤️ 📸 @supershippp

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Lamar Johnson

We have no clue who Joshnson is playing in this year’s Dark Phoenix, but we know he enjoyed the New Year in Hawaii.

Sophie Turner

The Jean Grey actress, who takes the lead in Dark Phoenix next November, made a funny pose in front of a Christmas tree on New Year’s with the quote “New Year New Standards: Salt n’ Peppa edition.”

New Year New Standards: Salt n’ Peppa edition

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