THE NEW MUTANTS trailer screens theatrically. How are audiences reacting?

The much-talked about teaser trailer for THE NEW MUTANTS began showing on movie theater screens with Marvel’s Thor: Ragnarok and it’s interesting to see how comic book fans and the general public are reacting to it.

During my screening, there was a lot of chatter. “This is a Marvel movie?” I heard one theatergoers say, among the plethora of whispers saying “Marvel” and “Huh?” throughout the crowd.

Director Josh Boone is taking things in a new direction with this X-Men film franchise spin-off. wile (for some) it’s an unexpected turn going the horror route, it’s something that seems to be piquing people’s interest. One thing’s for sure, this will not be your standard comic book movie.

Here are some reactions from folks on social media, both good and bad.

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