X-Men fan interview with Nazlee Hasan: “Heck yes, I want X-Men back at Marvel.”

We had a chat with X-Men fan Nazlee Hasan (@nazlee_hasan) about her love (and criticisms) of X-Men films.

XMFC: Hi, Nazlee! How were you first introduced to the X-Men?

NAZLEE: “Comics.”

What are your favorite things about the X-Men? What ultimately made you a fan?

“Society of superheroes? What’s not to like? But the story and the depth within the chapters and their development ultimately made me a fan.”

Which X-Men film is your favorite and why?

“‘X2’ because it had two of my fav X-Men: Nightcrawler and The Beast. But ‘X2’ is also tied with ‘First Class’ because I loved seeing how the main X-Men came to be who they were.”

What’s your favorite moment in an X-Men film?

“My fav moment was when Professor X has his brain seizures [in ‘Logan’] and the entire area quakes. ”

That scene was amazing! Definitely one of my favorites as well. So what about your least favorite moment in an X-Men film?

“My least fav moment was when Wolverine killed Jean Grey [in ‘X-Men: The Last Stand’].”

I liked everything that was going on in that scene: the visual effects, the music…but I would of been perfect if Cyclops was in Wolverine’s place. That upset me. Do you have any other big criticisms about X-Men films?

“The changing universes/ timelines.”

Yes, that’s a major complaint among many fans and I’ve heard friends and acquaintances tell me the same thing. Hopefully things improve in the future with the altered timelines. I think they will! Speaking of the future, do you have any specific hopes for upcoming films in this franchise?

“My hopes are that they bring back Kelsey Grammar as the Beast and Alan Cumming as Nightcrawler. I also hope that X-Men movies don’t get confusing with their timelines and stick to comics as much as possible.”

Do you want the X-Men back at Marvel? ☺️

“Heck yes, I want X-Men back at Marvel.”

Who would be your dream X-Men actor to meet?

“Patrick Stewart is my dream actor to meet.”

If you could have any mutant super power, what would it?

“Teleportation, so I can go anywhere I want in a split second including places people can’t go and the super power to process words inhumanly faster (so I can read book faster).”

X-Men or the Brotherhood….whose side are you on?

“X-Men all the way.”

Thanks, Nazlee!

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