X-Men Fan Spotlight: Wolverine Cosplayer @CanadaWolverine

What is cosplay? It’s the practice of dressing up as a character from a movie, book, or video game. There are many X-Men talented fans who put their creative skills to use to style themselves as our favorite mutant heroes, and today we’re focusing on cosplayer @CanadaWolverine.

XMFC: When did you start doing cosplay as Wolverine? Was it as a fan of the comics or the films?

CANADA WOLVERINE: “I started doing Wolverine cosplay (it’s my only cosplay), about 3 years ago. It was based on a combination of the comic and the movies. Plus the fact I’m from Alberta Canada – the rumoured birthplace of Wolverine plus Alkali lake made it even more special and relevant.”

What do you think of Hugh Jackman’s portrayal of Wolverine? Is your cosplay inspired more from the comics or the films?

“I think Jackman was incredible in his portrayal. His longevity in the role is a testimony on its own. I was inspired by Jackman but I also wanted to take from the comics and add to his portrayal. My hair is definitely more comic book related.”

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You are a very recognizable cosplayer on social media. Have you attended various comic conventions in your country as well as other countries? If so, are you been noticed by fellow cosplayers and fans?

“I’ve attended San Diego and various cons throughout Canada. I’m actually recognized by many fans, which is quite surprising and a great honour. I also tend to keep the same look in my civilian life so if I’m at an airport or restaurant people will comment on it ‘hey it’s Wolverine’ or ‘We’ve seen you at a con’. Cosplaying at a Con is one thing, cosplaying in the real world with the hair and chops, is another.”

What is your reason for doing cosplay? Why do you like it?

“I like cosplay because it’s an activity both my girlfriend @vedacosplay and myself share. It’s fun being able to bring amazement into peoples lives through representing characters many love. On a side note we also work with a volunteer charity group – Heroes Unleashed where we put our cosplay to good use helping others.”

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