X-Men films fan interview with Everett Christensen: “I’m not really here for super serious all the time X-Movies.”

We have three more fan interviews to go before we move forward with “phase 3,” which will feature some controversial topics abput X-Men films. Today, we’re chatting with Everett Christensen (@Zhurenaissance) about his passion for this iconic series and why he feels a personal connection to the story.

XMFC: Hello, Everett! Many X-Men fans were first exposed to these characters through the comics, animated series, video games or films. What is the earliest X-Men memory that you can remember?

EVERETT: “I don’t remember. I have narrowed it down to X-Men v2 #1 or Spider-Man #16 (ft X-Force). Either way I was about 5 at the time. Either way X-Factor #91 was my prized possession.”

Do you feel any personal connection to the X-Men? Many comic books have a simple themes, but with X-Men, there’s a powerful message at its core about those who are different and feared by others who don’t understand them or have strong hatred for their kind.

“I am a black, bisexual, with a mental disability. The X-Men have stood in allegory for me time and time again. I live in a world that hates and fears me, every day I get up, grab the X, and try to make the world a better place. In X-Factor #91 Jamie contracts the Legacy Virus. I had a dear friend of the family dying of AIDS living in the house at exactly that time. I am an outlier in that every thing the X-Men have been doing, I’ve been living.”

Are you active in X-Men discussion on social media? If so, what do you think of the fan community?

“I write articles for XavierFiles.com, I tweet about the X-Men and my Tumblr gets some of that X-Love too. I love chatting with fellow mutants, I think even the more extreme of us have lots in common. You love the X-Men because their narrative fits your life.

That’s cool! XavierFiles.com is a great website with loads of X-Men comic history. There are some great writers working on that site. You’re right about the fan base too. That’s why I feel so connected with other X-fans. We relate to the characters with superpowers, because the powers are an allegory for something deeper. Speaking of the characters, do you have a favorite mutant in the films or a favorite actor portrayal?

“Yo, it may be too early but I’m going to go with Rhane because Maisie Williams will kill it. Of things that have passed can you do better than Patrick Stewart? I don’t think so. It was beyond a dream casting.”

Which X-Men film do you watch the most often and which do you watch the least?

“Deadpool the most, Apocalypse the least. Deadpool was a whirling cavalcade of everything I want out of the franchise, romance, heavy music cues, levity, and verve. I’m not really here for super serious all the time X-Movies. I have never seen Apocalypse for that exact reason. I saw the deleted mall scene and decided ‘you know? this is the movie I wanted to see, and if this isn’t in the film? I’m not too sure I need to see this installment’ I’ll have to catch it before Dark Phoenix tho, the completionist in me can only hold out so long.”

Woah, you haven’t seen Apocalypse?! Well, I guess you’re not alone with the box office it got. Definitely catch it before ‘Dark Phoenix,’ because the younger actors for Jean, Scott, Storm and Nightcrawler did great in their roles. It’s not my favorite X-Men film, but it’s a fun watch. In general, what are the strengths and weaknesses of this film series?

“Strengths thus far have been casting. Maybe Halle Barry was a miss? But all in all we’re talking great portrayals for people who really get it. Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman, Sir Ian McKellen. They critically understand the work and their ability to bring it to life. We got real lucky in this timeline. Weakness is visual production, yeah I know all that black leather was in but really, the movies have until recently been washed out and muted in color. That first movie did not age well at all. It worked well for Logan because it was such a gritty story, but the black and white version was even better.”

If you could remove any scene from any X-Men film, which would it be?

“Scott’s death, for sure. It doesn’t make the Phoenix stuff any better if he isn’t there to be leading man.”

Many fans will agree with you on that one, including myself. It was a bad decision doing Cyclops like that and I feel like James Marsden never got to fully shine in the role. He’s a great actor, but wasn’t given enough to do. Speaking of the original cast, do you want to see them integrated into other films which take place in the future timeline or should they only focus on the second generation cast (Sophie Turner, Tye Sheridan, Michael Fassbender, etc)?

“Second generation cast, 100%. Look, we all need to get used to changing cast members, with the quickness. People just can’t be expected to be slaved to these roles anymore, these actresses (and actors) have careers to think of. The upside for us as fans is it allows for new takes and new experiences.”

That is true, they have other projects they want to be known for. That said, they’ve all expressed interest in returning to their roles so I would love if they could use them just one more time! Especially with the expansion of this franchise. Next year, we get New Mutants, Deadpool 2 and Dark Phoenix…which one are you looking forward to the most?

“New Mutants ultimately because DEMON BEARRRR. Also, I am of the firm belief that the greatest X-Men stories are not the ones about heroics. They are the horror stories (demon bear), the cop dramas (District X), the science fiction (dark phoenix). When you take mutants and then tell stories with them that aren’t just in the cape genre, but stories that exemplify their role as allegorical stand-ins, that’s the sweet spot.”

I agree with that 100%. It’s why I think ‘New Mutants’ will truly be something special. Same with ‘Logan,’ it was a character drama. It wasn’t about being a hero saving the world. Final question, just for fun: X-Men or Brotherhood…whose side are you on?

“Depends, both Magneto and Cyclops had valid points. Xavier can miss me though. I’m probably more likely to be Brotherhood material because I am quite intolerant of intolerance.”

That’s the first Brotherhood response I got! I’ve been waiting to see who would give that answer. Thanks for the chat, Everett!

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