X-Men films fan interview with Kat Grey: “To me, it’s more relatable [than] any superhero team ever.”

Today we go inside the mind Kat Grey (@KatTheCreator), an aspiring actor and major X-Men film fan. We discussed a variety of topics dealing with the iconic films and how they relate to the real world.

XMFC: Hi Kat! How did you get into X-Men? From most of the fans I’ve interviewed, it was through the comics, the animated series or the films. Is it the same for you?

KAT: “It was neither comics nor the show, it was the video game! I was about 9 (I’m exactly 20 now) when my mom bought me ‘X-Men Legends.’ I’ve been in love ever since. Once I beat the video game, I started the animated series. I loved it. Then I realized as a kid I watched X-Men Evolution and re-watched the whole thing every chance I get! I prefer this version but I still love the 90’s one as well. The movies were all amazing to me, even the bad ones. I call ’em good/bads 😭😂.”

Since you’ve become a fan, have the themes of X-Men affected your life in any way? Do you feel any personal connection to them?

“Yes, they have affected my life, of course, it’s why I love it!! When I found out I was born different or came out (LGBT), I felt just like these ‘mutants’. We face the same thing; people judge us because we are different, yet we can’t help who we genuinely are (#MutantandProud). Not only that, but to one day spread my love with the world and become an actor on the big screen. ”

I definitely understand where you’re coming from. It seems all super-fans are very passionate about the X-Men on a deep, personal level. I know I am.

Like the fans, the cast and crew of the films also seem very connected with the message of what X-Men represents. Have you ever seen any of the X-Men actors or directors in person?

“No, I WISH! I one day wish to Meet Sophie Turner/Jean Grey. Jean’s always been my favorite X-lady and I love Sophie turners version ❤️. Her Jean Grey was the inspiration for my 20th birthday outfit as well. She commented on the picture on Instagram on my birthday though, so it made the best birthday ever!!! And Wade Wilson/Ryan Reynolds #MaleCelebCrush.”

Oh wow, that’s so cool that Sophie commented on your photo!

So obviously she’s one of your favorite actresses in the X-Men films. In general, what do you love about the X-Men films?

“My favorite thing about X-Men is, yes I get it’s not real, I’m not psycho, but I love the deeper meaning behind it. To me it’s more relatable to any superhero team ever. It’s one thing to be inspired by something fictional, but if you can relate to it that’s special to me. What ultimately made me a fan, was visually watching my video game characters come to life and use mutant powers on a screen. it was freaking incredible.”

Which film is your favorite?
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“Fav Is X-Men: Apocalypse. Just because they had all these characters freshly young, rebooted, and I loved all of it. Psylocke was so badass, and I’m loving this new Storm with the accent. And X2, cause it’s when the Phoenix stole my heart, film wise, rather than in cartoon or video game.”

I agree, I loved Psylocke…some people don’t see the potential she has. She had some great action sequences, in my opinion. Alexandra Shipp’s Storm is very good too!

Do you have a favorite moment in the films? I know there are many great scenes, but which stick out to you?

“My fav moment, other than the Phoenix going full force on Apocalypse, has to be Psylocke’s action. [Olivia] Munn brings so much to the character in my opinion (even with few lines), and the blade came out…awesome.”

What about your least favorite moment?

“My least fav moment in a film has to be in X3, when Jean’s in the scene with Logan in the sub basement, and she went insane. I did not like the way that Phoenix was portrayed. I get it took over, but it was a bit to much.”

What are your hopes for future films in this always-expanding franchise?

“My hopes for future X-films is that they give more diverse roles out, which I’m starting to see already. Not only that, but just a little more team action! The X-Men films, all future ones, have so much potential. Just a tad bit more team action, that’s all.”

I think every fan is on board with that idea!

Random question, just for fun: If you could have any mutant power, which power would you have?

“I would love to have the ‘Shadow Matter’ abilities from the ‘X-Men: Destiny’ video game! It’s so cool to just manipulate time and space, make creations out of matter, etc. Probably some telekinesis with that. To fly and lift things with my mind.”

Fans are very mixed on this question: Do you want the X-Men films to go back to Marvel?
“I feel like if Marvel gets the X-Men back, we could have way more mutants. Just saying, [laughs].”

Final question: X-Men or the Brotherhood…whose side are you on?

“Oh yeah, X-MEN! We’ll tear the Brotherhood to shreds any day.”

I know that’s right! Thanks for the great chat, Kat!

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