X-MEN FILM TRIBUTE now accepting video submissions for epic video presentation starring you, the #XMen fans.

Now Casting!

Why are you a fan of 20th Century Fox’s X-Men films? XMF is producing a “video tribute presentation” starring YOU, the dedicated X-Men fans! We’re currently accepting video submissions from anyone who has something to say about this iconic film series. All clips will be combined into one epic video.

Here are the details:

  • Record yourself on video (webcam, phone camera, digital camera, etc) explaining or showing why you’re a fan of 20th Century Fox’s X-Men films. Be as creative as you want to be!

  • If filming with your phone, it’s preferred you record yourself with the screen horizontal, but vertical submissions will also be accepted.

  • Upload your video online. There are a variety of options to use: YouTube, Vimeo, Streamable, DailyMotion and file hosting sites. Send us the video link or file directly to xmenfan@clubmember.org, through our contact page or via Twitter DM using @XMenFilms or @XMenFanClubCom.

  • Wait for confirmation of your video being accepted. Any clips featuring excessive foul language or nudity will be denied.

  • You will receive notification when the fan tribute video premieres on X-MenFilms.com and our companion site X-MenFanClub.com. There’s no scheduled release date yet, as that will depend on the volume of submissions received.

Disclaimer: XMF reserves the right to edit your video for the overall quality of the full video presentation.

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