X-Men Films Fan Interview with André Barreto, webmaster and editor of Brazil’s UniversoXMen.com.br.

Brazil-based UNIVERSO X-MEN at UniversoXMen.com.br is one of the few major X-Men film fan sites in the world. We recently had the chance to interview the site’s editor, André Barreto, about a variety of topics in relation to the popular 20th Century Fox films.

Do you remember how you were first introduced to the X-Men? Was it through the comics, animated series or films?

“I was introduced to the X-Men through comics. Kind of 20 years ago I bought X-MEN 114 (Uncanny X-Men 328 in US)…it was 1998. Until today this comic is very special to me. In this same issue had a Classic X-men story and X-Factor (in Brazil they put together kind of 3 different comics to create a bigger one to sell) so in this very issue I got to know most of the famous mutants of Marvel and the incredible work of Joe Madureira.”

Have the X-Men films affected your life in any way? What made you want to start Universo X-Men website?

“Yes, they tought me a lot about tolerance and friendship, on the first trilogy. I was always excited to see them coming back every 2 years.

“I created Universo X-Men website because I couldn’t find any website or Facebook page in Portuguese about the X-Men franchise on the internet 3 years ago. So instead of waiting for someone to do it, I decided to do it myself. Since then, I’m working very hard to translate every news in English to Portuguese for Brazilian fans and Universo X-Men is now the biggest X-Men fansite from Latin America.

“I couldn’t do it just by myself, I have to thank Nathan Salim, Alysson Manso, Felipe Santana and Lucas Damata for helping me to release news as fast as we can every day.

“Now we’re on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Youtube, besides our website. The Brazilian mutant community is growing every day.”

That is wonderful! I think you’re doing a great service to fans in your country. Do you feel there’s a large X-Men fan base in Brazil?

“Yes there is. Most of them are people that grew up with the cartoons and first trilogy, but after Marvel Studios started to boycott X-Men products, toys, t-shirts, etc…it is hard to find kids or teenagers fans…they are more into Avengers.

“That’s sad to see your favorite characters disappearing from the new generation, just because of money issue between studios.”

Have you ever met or seen an X-Men actors in person? If so, who? Explain the experience. If not, who would be your dream actor to meet?

“I was able to see and take a selfie with James McAvoy (yes that’s me with glasses). He was very kind to everyone. He signed my poster and I gave him a drawing I made for him.

“Also Patrick Stewart signed my poster and I could see Hugh Jackman in person when he came to Brazil to promote LOGAN, but unfortunately I couldn’t speak or take pictures with him, but he was extremely kind to everyone.”

What are your favorite things about the X-Men? What ultimately made you a fan?

“For sure it’s the team work; they are friends who are also a family. They are always there for each other and they are so different from each other.”

Which X-Men film is your favorite and why?

“My favorite film is X2. The storyline about Jean Grey’s powers and her sacrifice got me really emotional and I connected with those characters.”

What’s your favorite moment in an X-Men film?

“Jean Grey’s sacrifice in X2.”

What’s your least favorite moment in an X-Men film?

“Storm with dark hair saying she was a fan of Mystique in X-Men Apocalypse.”

Yes, I think a lot of fans made an awkward face when she said “I want to be like her.” What are your hopes for future X-Men films?

“To see them as a family again. All the characters i love from comics getting together again.”

If you could have any mutant super power, what would it be? Why?

“Read people’s minds. I’m a very curious person. haha.”

Do you want the X-Men back at Marvel? ☺️

“I don’t know, some days I want more than others. haha.”

X-Men or the Brotherhood…whose side are you on?

“X-Men. Always.”

More interviews to come!

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