X-Men Films Fan Interview with Anthony, webmaster and editor of X-MenFilms.com and X-MenFanClub.com.


XMFC is all about you, the X-Men film fans! We’re currently in the process of interviewing passionate and opinionated fans from around the world. To start things off, here’s an interview with Anthony, the webmaster of X-MenFilms.com and X-MenFanClub.com.

Do you remember how you were first introduced to the X-Men? Was it through the comics, animated series or films?

“Like many kids in the 90’s, I was first introduced to the X-Men through the animated series on Fox. I hadn’t started the collecting comics yet, so I didn’t really know they existed beyond the TV series. Then one day my cousin shows me some of the comics he had, they were drawn by Jim Lee, and I’m like ‘Oh, X-Men is a comic?’ So I started reading the comics, and it was easy to get into them as the animated series was a great adaption of the stories and characters. I fell in love with these characters and the whole message they had about fighting for those who fear and hate them. I really connected with it at the time and I still do, obviously.

What are your favorite things about the X-Men? What ultimately made you a fan?

“The characters are very relatable. Iron Man, Thor, Superman and Batman are awesome, but I don’t really relate to them. Out of all the comic book characters I’ve read, the X-Men are at the top for me. They’re a team of outsiders, from various backgrounds and they believe in something important. They believe that humans and mutants can one day peacefully co-exist without war.”

Which X-Men film is your favorite and why?

“Surprisingly ‘Logan’ is my favorite film, and I say that because I’m not the biggest Wolverine fan. I love want Hugh Jackman has done with the role, but it’s not like he was my favorite character. I feel like his final film was on a completely different level. It was true Oscar-worthy material and incredibly emotional.

“In terms of X-Men team films,’ X2,’ ‘First Class’ and ‘Days of Future Past’ are equally my favorites. I really can’t choose between those three.”

Have you ever met an X-Men actor? If so, who? Explain the experience. If not, who would be your dream actor to meet?

“I have met Halle Berry in person. She invited a small group of fans to Comic Con in San Diego when she was promoting her horror film ‘Gothika.’ For the few minutes we met, she was amazing. Very friendly and very appreciative of fans…it was a dream come true. She gave me a kiss on the cheek and I died.

“I’ve seen Hugh Jackman from a distance at Comic Con while he was promoting ‘Van Helsing.’ I was literally 10 feet away from Bryan Singer during a Comic Con theater screening of ‘The Rogue Cut’ a few years ago. I just wanted to scream out, ‘Bryan! I run X-MenFilms.com! Are you familiar with the site?! I’m a huge fan!!!’ but I didn’t. Still, it was incredible just being in his presence, to be blatantly honest. I was in awe for the few minutes he spoke. It was a great moment.”

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What’s your favorite moment in an X-Men film?

“My favorite moment is in one of the most critically lambasted X-Men films, ‘X-Men: The Last Stand.’ It’s the moment when Jean’s in her childhood home and she has a telepathic battle with Professor X. Everything in that scene was perfect. The acting, the music, the action choreography…it was an epic and emotional sequence.”

What’s your least favorite moment in an X-Men film?

“When Wolverine was slicing and dicing some outdoor fire stairs in ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine.’

What are your biggest criticisms about X-Men films?

“Obviously I love the X-Men films, because I’ve been running websites dedicated to them for over 17 years, but they’re not clear from faults. I think it took them a while to really embrace the comic books, but now with ‘Days of Future Past,’ ‘Apocalypse’ and ‘Dark Phoenix,’ 20th Century Fox and the producers showing fans that they’re trying to be more ambitious with their stories and aesthetics.”

If you could have any mutant super power, what would it be? Why?

“I would love to control the weather like Storm. That would be an amazing ability to have. The flying would be thrilling as well.”

Do you want the X-Men back at Marvel?

“No! 20th Century Fox is doing interesting things with the X-Men, now more than ever. I love the MCU films, but I appreciate that X-Men films going in a different direction. It’s good to have variety.”

The X-Men or Brotherhood….whose side are you on?

“Definitely the X-Men. I don’t necessarily see the Brotherhood as being evil, but they’re a way more extreme than I would care to be. I can easily see myself chilling at Xavier’s, teaching youngsters and taking the X-Jet out for an adventure.”

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