X-Men Films Fan Interview with Lucas Ackerman: Artist, actor and Hugh Jackman interviewer extraordinaire.

You may already be familiar with X-Men fan Lucas Ackerman through his online presence or by some of our retweets. He’s an artist who designs amazing pieces and tees featuring fan-favorite characters. He runs the popular 1 Million to Save Wolverine and the X-Men Facebook page and was also one of the few Wolverine super-fans that won the opportunity to interview Hugh Jackman earlier this year in New York. Lucas is also an actor and co-host of The Comic Book Show. We had a chat with him to discuss his major fandom for X-Men across all mediums.

Do you remember how you were first introduced to the X-Men? Was it through the comics, animated series or films?

“I had known about the X-Men a little bit by commercials and the other kids on the playground at school. That’s when I thought X-Men was actually Wolverine’s name and Magneto was pronounced “Magnet-o.” I would say my first real introduction to them was the 90s animated series with the episode, “The Unstoppable Juggernaut.” I loved how real these characters were, yet they were super heroes. I had been watching this episode at a friend’s house when my father picked me up in the middle of it. We rushed home, and I tried to find the rest of the episode while flipping through the channels with no luck (this was before TV directories were a thing). I was sure to know which Bat-time and which Bat-channel to tune in following week. And I’ve lived happily ever after ever since.”

Have the X-Men films affected your life in any way?

“The X-Men films have definitely affected my life. I spend most of my free time scrolling through my Twitter feed finding new tidbits about upcoming films. When there’s a movie out, you can usually find me at the movie theater. The first X-Men movie I saw ten times in the theater. I know some like to complain about the X-Men films, but overall I quite enjoy them. Whenever I have trouble sleeping, I usually watch X2, or Days of Future Past to help me sleep, just because those are the two I enjoy the most and can picture the movies with my eyes closed.”

What are your biggest criticisms about X-Men films?

“Even though I do enjoy the movies, I have quite a few criticisms about them. First, their continuity sucks. Just too many contradictions and plot holes to mention. But something that bugs me the most is with the First Class trilogy and how they all seem to have Wolverine’s powers of healing, because the only one I see who seems to age is Wolverine himself when the movies are suppose to take place decades apart. I also hate how every movie Jennifer Lawrence’s Mystique seems to go through the same story arc of “mutant and proud.” Well, looks like you got me started… yet another thing that bugs me is the overuse of characters. Unfortunately for general moviegoers, they probably think that Magneto is the only villain the X-Men have. It’s quite a shame that we still to this date have not seen Mr. Sinister on the silver screen, as well as a few others. I do have a few more things to mention, but I’ll cut myself short. We could be here for awhile.”

Have you ever met or seen an X-Men actor in person? If so, who? Explain the experience. If not, who would be your dream actor to meet?

“I’ve been lucky to meet a couple of the X-Men actors. Back in 2001, I met Tyler Mane, who played Sabretooth in the first X-Men movie at a comic book convention. He was humongously tall and very nice and humble. Earlier this year, I was lucky enough to get flown out to New York City to see Logan a month before it’s release where I also got to meet and interview Hugh Jackman. I’ve looked up to this man since I saw the first X-Men movie. With his acting versatility, he inspired me to pursue acting as well for awhile. I haven’t done much with it lately, but I’m always open to take over the Wolverine role for Hugh if he’s for sure he doesn’t want it back for himself. The one actor I think I’d want to meet the most is Famke Janssen. I don’t think she gets enough credit and would love to show my appreciation. Even in X-Men: The Last Stand, one of my least favorite X-Men films, she killed it.”

What are your favorite things about the X-Men? What ultimately made you a fan?

“I think you really do want to be here all day. My favorite things about the X-Men? Where do I begin? These characters are like family to me. They’ve been in my life for nearly 25 years now. I can’t picture my life without them. I remember my mother talked me out of collecting comics to save money. I truly tried to stop, but I remember seeing an issue that had Joe Madureira’s lovely artwork on the cover at the grocery store, and I had to pick it up. I then ordered all the comics I missed through the mail. So it was as if nothing happened.

“The X-Men also inspire me artistically. I’ve drawn since the age of two, so says my mother, and I never really honed in on a certain style until the X-Men entered my life. There’s so many incredible artists that have drawn the X-Men over the years. It’s incredible. One of my goals is to just draw one X-Men comic before I die. Just one, Marvel. It can be a one-shot or a fill-in issue. Not asking much. Give me a call.

“There’s something about the X-Men that we can all relate to. We’re all different, and we’re all striving to be accepted by others without judgment and ridicule. We see these super powered beings going through the same things we are. One of my favorite quotes from the X-Men animated series is when Storm is speaking with Jubilee and says, “People fear what they do not understand.” This is so true, and so sad that it’s still true to this day. But to see super heroes, which kids and some adults (like me) aspire to be, going through the same discriminatory stuff as we do, it’s… poetic in a sense. I think that’s why I’m a fan of the X-Men.”

Which X-Men film is your favorite and why?

“Hands down my favorite X-Film is X-Men: Days of Future Past: The Rogue Cut. I honestly think it’s better than the theatrical release, which is still a superb movie in and of itself. I can see why some of the stuff was cut out of the original release, but the sequence where Magneto, Iceman, and Professor X go to rescue Rogue is amazing, and it was nice to see Rogue and Wolverine reunite, even though it was only psychically.”

What’s your favorite moment in an X-Men film?

“My favorite moments in the X-Men films are whenever I get goose bumps, even after seeing each movie multiple times. I still get goose bumps when I see Storm fly up the elevator shaft in the first film. I still get goose bumps at the end of X2 when Jean sacrifices herself. And I still get goose bumps at the end of Days of Future Past when Wolverine has awoken in the new future and he’s stumbling through the school, but then stops and turns to see Jean alive and well.”

What’s your least favorite moment in an X-Men film?

“Unfortunately, there are some cringe worthy moments in the X-Films, and I think the one that takes the cake is the bathroom scene in X-Men Origins: Wolverine where Wolverine first discovers he has CGI claws.”

What are your hopes for future X-Men films?

“My hopes for the X-Men films is that 20th Century Fox continues doing what they’re doing. I think after The Last Stand and X-Men Origins: Wolverine they learned that they can’t just get away with anything by putting “X-Men” in the title. Yeah, sure, general movie goers will most likely show up to the theater and pay the admission, but you really need to win over the fans, and by doing that you need to respect the source material, which I see them doing. Sure, they’ve made mistakes, but which movie studio hasn’t? And if you’re the one reading this yelling at your computer screen, “Marvel Studios,” let me remind you of a little movie called Iron Man 3.”

If you could have any mutant super power, what would it be? Why?

“If you would’ve asked me what mutant power I’d like to have when I was a kid, I would’ve told you telekinesis, because you could have any mutant super power. I would be able to fly and move things with my mind, and be the laziest teenager you would’ve ever met. But now, living in Los Angeles, all I want is the power of teleportation. If you’ve ever visited LA, you will know why.”

Do you want the X-Men back at Marvel? ☺️

“This question is like a catch 22. If the X-Men were to go back to Marvel, we would finally get a Wolverine vs. Hulk movie, something I’ve been dying to see in live action. Hugh Jackman would campaign to get the role of Wolverine back. Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver would both be reunited with their father, no matter what the comics say. The possibilities would be endless. But I think most importantly the X-Men would get the respect they deserve. Marvel would put them back in the forefront where they belong, instead of cutting them out of promotional material, video games, animated shows, toy shelves, and having the comic storylines suffer just because they sold the X-Men movie rights at a time they were going through financial difficulties.

“But if they were to go back to Marvel, would Marvel Studios produce three X-Men movies a year, which seems to be happening with Fox? Would Marvel Studios push the envelope by having rated-R Deadpool and Wolverine films? It’s hard to say. I’m excited to see what 20th Century Fox has to offer with the upcoming New Mutants film. I’m intrigued with the horror genre they plan to introduce in the X-Men movie universe with this film. Deadpool 2 is gonna be a hit! And I’m very excited to see Sophie Turner cut loose and Tye Sheridan bring some redemption to the role of Cyclops in Dark Phoenix. What comes after that? I’ll be scrolling through my Twitter feed to find out.”

X-Men or the Brotherhood….whose side are you on?

“If I had mutant powers, let’s say I did have the power of teleportation, I’d probably use my powers for good and evil. Definitely would rob a few banks, because who would stop me? But I’d also go where I’m needed most. So Magneto would probably recruit me for the Brotherhood first, but Professor X would be quick to sway me to the other side. I’d be one of the flip floppers like Rogue, Emma Frost, Magneto, Mystique, Sabretooth, Banshee, and the list goes on and on.”

Thanks, Lucas! Check out his interview with The Hugh below via ComicBook.com.

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