X-Men Films fan interview with Varun Mehta: “It’s not the usual superhero stuff about saving the world.”

Today we’re having a chat with Varun Mehta, who’s the founder of X-Men Films Fan Club India @xmenmoviesindia. He is a very passionate X-Men fan that loves all the films and has strong opnions about the strengths and weaknesses of 20th Century Fox’s mutant series.

XMFC: Hello, Varun! First off, I just want to say thank you for taking the time to answer some of my questions about your fandom for X-Men films. It’s awesome being able to interview fans from across the globe. How did you first become familiar with the X-Men?

VARUN: “I was introduced to X-Men through the animated series. Then I bought the comics to know more about the characters and then of course the X-Men films. My first X-Men memory was the one of the amazing episodes from X-Men battling the Brotherhood in the animated series.”

Do you find yourself relating the X-Men in any way? It seems many fans have a personal connection to the characters and what they represent.

“Yes, I can relate to the X-Men story in a lot of ways. The story of X-Men is touching. It’s not the usual superhero stuff about saving the world. It’s the theme of mutants fighting for survival against the human race, also the Brotherhood of Mutants who completely hate the humans. Mutants are seen as a threat to the human race as they are different. They are regarded with fear and anxiety, which is true to real life. Anyone who feels they are gifted or different and won’t be easily accepted by society can relate to the story of X-Men and that’s why the story is so relatable and amazing.”

That was such a great answer and you’re completely right about how relatable it is. I see that you run @xmenmoviesindia, with a focus towards the fan base in India. I think it’s a great page and I really enjoy seeing how X-Men is loved by people in every country. What do you think of X-fans?

“I have just created a fan club on Twitter as I saw there was not much fan clubs of X-Men from India, although I can assure you that there is a huge fan base in the country. But people are not really active in discussions, so I am trying to bring the world closer. The community is absolutely wonderful. I can see the fans are so hardworking and contributing for X-Men.”

Which characters do you like the most? Do you have an absolute favorite?

“Actually I love all the X-Men characters, so It would be really hard for me to pick one, but I would go for Professor X and Storm from the X-Men and Mystique from the Brotherhood. Others are great too though.”

Do you have a favorite film in the series that you watch the most?

“All the films are usually on the loop, but ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ is the one I have been playing the most because it brings two worlds of X-Men together, something which I doubt would be happening in future movies. So this is a rare thing and has a repeat value.”

It’s my favorite too and I think you’re right about its uniqueness and why it’s so special. It has so many great scenes. In your opinion, what are the strengths and weaknesses of these films?

“The strength of X-Men films are the scripts, narration and the way they are told. ‘X-Men,’ ‘X2,’ ‘Days of Future Past’ and ‘Logan’ all are remarkable films and deserve all the applauses they get. On the weaker side, the only complaint I have from the franchise is that the focus is too much on Wolverine. If we take the Animated series or the comics, all the characters were given prominence. But in the films, only Wolverine remains the main attraction. He also gets his own spin off movies. Other characters easily get overshadowed with less screentime. After all, it’s X-MEN. Also Rogue’s character has been one of the weaknesses if we really compare to her comic and animated counterparts. Fans wanted to see her in action by embracing her powers and acting like a true X-Man, which didn’t quite happen. But there is a hope for future films. But these are minor glitches. X-Men films stand tall with quality and grace and I look forward to each and every film.”

Are there any scenes from any of the films that you wish didn’t exist?

“Without a doubt – the death of Professor X in ‘X-Men: The Last Stand’. That scene rips my heart apart every time I watch that. What’s more disheartening is that he dies at the hands of his most beloved student, Jean Grey, whose mind has been taken over by her alter ego ‘The Phoenix’.”

A lot of people don’t like that scene, but to be honest, it’s one of my favorites! I like that it shows how out of control Jean truly was. With ‘X3’ being the last film fully devoted to the original cast and with them having a smaller presence in ‘Days of Future Past,’ would you like to see those actors return for another film where they get all the attention?

“Of course, they must keep the original cast in future films. Not only they would help in connecting with the audiences in a more accurate manner, but also make the films stronger. The previous cast has an ensemble of really strong and beloved actors and I doubt if anyone who loves X-Men would not like to see them back.”

It would be great if they could integrate the original cast in ‘Deadpool 2,’ since the timelines could synch up. 2018 is going to be a busy year with that film, New Mutants and ‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix.’ Which one are you looking forward to the most?

“I am looking forward to all, but ‘X-Men : Dark Phoenix’ tops the list as it will be the continuation from the last film and I can barely hold my excitement to see how things are uncovered.”

Same here! It’s going to be an epic film. Final question, just for fun…the X-Men or Brotherhood of Mutants? Which side would you join if these events took place in our reality?

“I love X-Men of course, although I do not hate Magneto and his brotherhood. I understand what he went through with his childhood and his hatred towards humans is understandable, but sometimes he seems to hurt even mutants in the process of taking revenge. So I would be on the side of X-Men any day.”

Me too, fellow X-Man! Thanks for the great chat.

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