XMFC fan interview with Norman: “The X-Men are not a regular superhero team.”

Our successful series of X-Men film fan interviews continues with Norman (@Sr_Norman_) from Madrid. We chat with this superfan about his likes and dislikes of the popular film series from 20th Century Fox.

XMFC: Hi Norman! Do you remember the first time you were introduced to the X-Men?

NORMAN: “Yes, I remember. I was about 5 years old and I was at a supermarket in the DVD zone. I remember that I found a compilation of the X-MEN animated series. And when I asked my father about getting it, he told me that he had read the very first X-Men comics. With Iceman, Beast, Angel… We got home and watched it together with my brother. It was a special time that I’ll never forget.”

That’s pretty cool that is was something you could share with your father and brother. When you became a fan, do you feel like it affected your life in any way?

“Indeed they affected me. I am a huge fan of Cyclops. He is like my favourite character in the whole Marvel universe. When he died in X-MEN 3 I cried like hell. I hate that movie so much.

“LOGAN I remember coming out of the theatre in tears. it was so beautiful and emotional, just perfect.”

Yes, people are really mixed about X3. I remember my heart dropping at that death scene, it was so sad! I also agree with LOGAN, it’s a tear-jerker and very emotional.

Besides Cyclops getting the kiss of death, do you have any other complaints about the films?

“My biggest complain with this franchise is the treatment of the X-Men itself. I mean , the team is different on every movie. I feel that they should keep the team with the same members for at least a trilogy so that we can see a team grow and know each other. Also I need to see more Cyclops [laughs].”

Have you ever met any X-Men actors? If not, who would be your dream actor or director to meet?

“I never met anyone, but if I could I would have to go with Hugh Jackman, he is such a big part of my childhood , and my life as a whole.”

What makes the X-Men stand out from the rest? What ultimately made you a fan of this team of mutants?

“The X-Men are not a regular superhero team. They are a family that fights for their rights, and they end up saving the world to prove that they are also “humans” in a way.

“I grew up with them. I don’t know what made me a fan, but I feel that it’s the charm that I feel for every member , for every storyline that got me into comics. For everything they are or they represent, I love them.”

Do you have a favorite X-Men film?


What about a favorite scene? I know there are so many to choose from, but which stand out to you?

“The death of Logan or that scene on X2 where Bobby tells his parents that he is a mutant.”

Those are two great scenes! What about your your least favorite scene? I think I have an idea…

“I hate when Cyclops dies.”

What are your hopes for future films? The franchise is expanding now and there are so many possibilities.

“I’d love to see something like ‘Astonishing X-Men’ on screen. One of my favourite X-Men comics is the ‘Dark Phoenix’ saga, so I’m pretty hyped for it.”

You and me both!

If you could pick any mutant power to have in real life, which power would it be?

“I’d love to have Iceman’s powers.”

Many fans are mixed on this question: Do you want the X-Men back at Marvel?

“I don’t want the X-Men back at Marvel. I want them in the present in a shared universe with the Fantastic 4.”

Me too! I really hope 20th Century Fox can make a successful Fantastic Four film, so they can intermingle with the X-Men.

Final question: X-Men or Brotherhood…which side are you on?

“Forever X-Men!”

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