XMFC spent a few hours at Comic Con in San Diego today.

Today XMFC spent a few hours on the outskirts of Comic Con International in San Diego, enjoying THE GIFTED and LEGION outdoor promo and meeting a few X-Men fans. Representing the X-Men in my Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters tee, I passed out around 50 VIP member cards to select attendees and left some stacks near all the X-Men related promo. There were some awesome Deadpool cosplayers, and a few fans were spotted dressed as Storm, Mystique and Iceman.

Workers for Sentinel Services walked the grounds to promote “The Gifted” and I had a nice chat with one of them. Those who waited in the long line behind the convention center were tested for the mutant X-gene and had the opportunity to get an actual gene test using a mouth swab, with free results that will come later in the mail. There were also human-sized test tubes where fans could step inside and have their picture taken.

All-in-all it was a fun time. Next year I’ll definitely remember to get passes for the inside. Hopefully 20th Century Fox will actually promote X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX in 2018, as we didn’t get any X-Men film promo this year.

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