Halle Berry


Our 2005 “XMenFilms.net” interview with Storm actress Halle Berry!

Hi Halle! Any updates on your future film projects?

Halle Berry: I’m doing a film called October Squall that I’m also producing. It’s a very deep story about a mother and son, and maybe X3.

I know you must get tired of all the questions about X3, but could you give us an update on that?

Halle Berry: I know how you are about your X-Men! I have not read the script. All I have asked, is that if I come back as Storm, she need to be closer to the comic book. So, if they have in fact written her closer to the comic book character, then I’m in. If not, I’m out. I hope I’m in though. I love Storm, and really want to be part of the last film.