Sideah Alladice


Our 2003 “X3Movie” interview with X2 child actress Sideah Alladice!

You played one of the mutant kids that are captured by William Stryker in X2. Who was your character? Did she have a specific name?

Sideah Alladice: Well, my character was just made up for the movie, I don’t know if I was in the comics, as I’ve never read them. Same with the other characters [besides Jubilee and Artie].

Jubilee was one of the captured mutant kids too! How was actress Kea Wong like on set?

Sideah Alladice: Yeah, I talked with her a lot. She is really down to earth, and nice. Most of my scenes were with her. We exchanged e-mails.

What was the auditioning process like for the film?

Sideah Alladice: My agent called me and told me there was this audition. I went with my brother, and it was pretty exciting! When I got there, it was intimidating, because the hall was packed with kids who wanted to get in, and I was like, “Oh man, I will never get this!!”.. But as it turned out, my agent called me and said I had got the part! I was estatic but unfortunately, my brother didn’t get a part.

You got to work with director Bryan Singer. What was he like? There were rumors that there was a lot of stress on set towards the final weeks of shooting?

Sideah Alladice: He is so nice! Even though he had bad back pain and was really tired, he still worked hard. He made sure that everyone was happy. One time, when my brother and dad came on set (when they were filming the scene when Jean leaves the jet), he invited my brother and dad on the jet and explained everything. He also said if I was ever in L.A, to come down to the studio so I could see stuff….he was great!

I noticed in the film, that you spend most of your screen time around the major players, like Storm, Cyclops, Nightcrawler, Jean Grey, etc. Which cast members did you talk with, and who was the coolest?

Sideah Alladice: I talked with mostly everyone, and everyone was pretty cool! I really like Halle, since she was in most of my scenes…Her and Alan (Nightcrawler) were great…but the cast and crew were all wonderful!

How was Halle, on set? There were some negative rumors going around in tabloids.

Sideah Alladice: She was wonderful! She is honestly one of the nicest people I know. She is so down to earth! We got to talk alot and I feel like I really know her! She even sent me a GOTHIKA t-shirt recently!

Anything you can tell us about things that happened behind the scenes?

Sideah Alladice: The behind the scenes bloopers are soooo funny! I highly recomend going out and buying the DVD…but there was this one deleted scene that I was in, and I was the center of it! It was with Nightcrawler, but it was deleted 🙁 My first couple days of shooting, had me at the museum. It was pretty cool, because they showed a clip from there on Entertainment Tonight, and I watched it!

Any stunts or green screen stuff you had to do for effect shots?

Sideah Alladice: There was a bit of blue screen, but not much! I had a stunt double for some of the scenes.

You got to see Nightcrawler up close! Did he look scary in person?

Sideah Alladice: I didn’t even recognicze him [Alan Cumming] at all! I was like, “Oh I wonder if he’s famous..” Then when I found out who he was, I was like, “Oh cool…!”. His makeup and costume was great!

Were you actually in the jet when Jean Grey sacrifices herself? Were you all told what would happen, or was it still unknown?

Sideah Alladice: Yup, we were all in on it. I was in that scene and James Marsden is a fantastic actor in that scene.

Do you know anything about X-Men 3?

Sideah Alladice: I think it will be filmed in Vancouver again, but I’m not sure if I will be invited back! It will probally be in a year or so…X-Men 2 was rushed because they were still writing scenes while they were on set!